The information provided to you on this website is from three law firms licensed throughout Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.  It has come to our attention that thousands of oil field workers both on land and offshore were continuously, and in our opinion in some cases, intentionally, exposed to asbestos and pure asbestos fibers while working with drilling mud during the 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s.  Mudhands, mud engineers, roughnecks, floorhands, shakerhands, drillers, assistant drillers and many other types of rig workers may have suffered asbestos related injuries including cancers, lung fibrosis and other serious illnesses.  The law firms of Richard Schwartz and Associates, Porter and Malouf and The Young Firm are working together to provide on land and offshore rig workers with the best possible forces to file suit, fight the companies responsible and collect money damages to provide for the injured workers and their families.  What you did years ago to help your company should not cause you injury and even death today.  Contact us now to get started in protecting your health and your future.

You may obtain more information about asbestos used in drilling mud and how offshore maritime laws can help protect asbestos injured workers at (Our offices are handling both on land and offshore drilling mud claims.)